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What are Featured Snippets and its types?

Google Search is becoming more and more informative. You get search suggestions even before you type in the search query. One of the most common features of information on Google search these days is featured snippets. 

What are Featured Snippets?

The featured snippets are a short form of text that appears at the top of Google search results. It is found right above the first organic search results, which is why it’s also called “position 0”. The content is extracted from a webpage and includes the page’s title and URL. The aim of the featured snippets is to answer a searcher’s question without having to visit a website. These featured snippets help in finding answers easier than ever before because you don’t have to click anything to view the information.

Around 25% of all Google search result pages include a featured snippet. 

If Google decides to display your webpage’s content as a featured snippet, just imagine the limitless exposure & leads you could get.

Types of featured snippets

The major types of featured snippets include: 

  • The paragraph or The Definition Box (an answer is given in text format)
  • List (an answer is given in a form of a list)
  • Table (an answer is given in a table)

The paragraph or The Definition Box: These kinds of featured snippets are the most common and offer searchers a direct answer to their query. The best thing about paragraph snippet is that it makes finding answers easier than ever before because you don’t have to click anything to view the information. It’s all there on “Position 0”

FAQ pages are best suited for answering multiple short questions at once, whereas dedicated blog pages are perfect for answering more complicated questions.

List Type: The list type featured snippet provides relevant answers to your queries in a list or pointwise format. These snippets are either numbered lists or bulleted lists.

List type search results apply mostly to articles about step-by-step instructions e.g recipes. Around thirty-seven percent of google searches are lists.

The Table Featured Snippet: Google prefers well-structured content with numerical data, rates, prices, years and displays it to the users in the form of a table snippet for better readability. Google will not directly fetch the data/table from your website content, instead, it will re-format the information to make it more useful

It doesn’t grab the exact table from the content — instead, it re-formats the data to make it more useful.

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