google disavow tool

Google on 17th November 2020 announced that they completed the migration of the Disavow links tool to the new Search Console.

The migration brings the following changes to the Disavow Links Tool

  1. A better and improved interface
  2. Ability to download disavow files as a text file
  3. Error reports not limited to 10 errors anymore.

What is the Disavow Links Tool?

GOogle’s Link Disavow tool helps publishers to inform Google that they do not want the association with certain links from third-party sites that in one way or another violate Google policies. Getting links from these sites may lead to a penalty if the publishers can’t get the links removed. 

With the Disavow links tool, you can create a text file including the links you want to remove from Google and upload it in the Disavow Links tool so you can improve your link profile.

The disavow links tool was launched in October 2012.

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