LinkedIn Uncovers New Look Desktop Experience With New Features

Linkedin recently unveiled a revamped desktop version with a better search experience.

The new layout is more simple and elegant with every element getting a defined place on the screen. The user profiles have been refreshed and the profile image is adjusted in the center now.

A new upgrade to the search results will cover all aspects of Linkedin. It means the users will be able to search for more than just people and jobs. They can now use the search bar to find relevant groups, events, and content.

Over the past year, there is around a 55% increase in content creation. Linkedin Users are posting more statuses, videos, and articles. Another key focus was the launch of LinkedIn’s new educational product called LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn is also adding in a new bot system to help users more effectively schedule their time.

Do you know?

Instagram is upgrading the search feature on its platform that will give users the ability to search for anything using keywords.

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