Choose Wisely between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Market analysis has proven that Digital marketing yields profitable results and is suitable for every kind of businesses. Online/Digital marketing is always soft on the pocket as compared to offline marketing channels. We cannot deny the fact that lead generation cost is very less in digital as compared to print media and also has a wide brand exposure. 

Once upon a time Brick and Mortar Stores were high on success but as soon as the Internet took over the world, the game changed. Small brands entered the market and started taking over the old business houses with the help of digital marketing. Websites took over the offline stores and made shopping easy for one and all. But many of the firms still recommend traditional marketing over digital marketing as it helps in targeting local customer base. As per reports published in 2016, around 20-25 % companies worldwide planned to increase their traditional marketing investments.

Both the markets have their own advantages and disadvantages

The important factors behind Offline/Traditional marketing success and better ROI are as follows : 

  • Creative, Catchy & Impressive Business cards that define the role of a Company & its Services 
  • Branded Merchandise such as Pens, Bookmarks, Notepads, Envelopes etc.
  • Discount Coupons
  • Billboards with creative infographics that attract public attention  
  • Time to Time Meetups, Live Events, and Public Sessions  
  • Television & Radio Ads 
Nowadays Digital/Online Marketing has become the success factor behind almost every third business these days. Around 60-65% of the companies worldwide have decided to divert their focus towards digital marketing as it is providing high returns on their investments with lost cost investments.

Leading Digital Marketing Factors include :

  • Use of Social Media platforms to Launch and Promote Brand Services and Products
  • Search Engine Optimization to reach out to the clients who are looking for specific kind of product and service
  • Production of Brand Oriented Mobile Apps to cater the needs of Smart Phone market 
  • Use of Videos as well as Infographic sharing Platforms
  • Online reputation management to improve brand visibility and user trust
  • Company Websites & Blogs for the creation of an effective brand presence online and 
  • By keeping the audience updated & engaged by making use of digital & social tools  

Both Online and Offline Marketing play a vital role in a Business’s success. So combining both the marketing strategies will add more to the Brand’s ROI. Nowadays the market is everywhere and your company is at the forefront when a purchase decision is made. So uniting Digital & Traditional will increase the chances of being at the right place at the right time.

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